A to Z Machine has recently purchased a new Mazak Horizontal Mill. The official name is the Mazak HCN-6800 NEO. The Mazak Horizontal Mill is 11 feet and 4 inches by 22 feet and 4 inches. It comes in at about 11 feet tall.

A lot of thought and deliberation went into ordering this machine, but we could not have done it without our machinist’s help. The machinists provided feedback to upper management about how it would be beneficial to them and to our customers if we upgraded to a new Horizontal Mill. After sparking conversation, the machinists joined in on the decision-making process to find the right Horizontal Mill.

A to Z Purchases a Double Column Bridge Mill Machine

Yet again, A to Z Machine is stepping up its innovating game by purchasing a new machine: The Double Column Bridge Mill. The official name is the Doosan DCM-2740F II.

The Double Column Bridge Mill is a large vertical machining system with 5 face capabilities. It is used for applications such as large and complex parts and high precisions dies and molds. Some options for the machine that we purchased include: the Extended Z axis travel, Extended W axis travel, Extended column, Semi- guarding, 90 Tool ATC, 3 Position AAC, and a high torque spindle.

A to Z Machine adding an HVAC to the South Building

Here at A to Z Machine, we pride ourselves on caring about the wellbeing of our machines, but more importantly, the machinists. This is why we are adding an HVAC to our South Building at 2701 E Winslow.

If you are unfamiliar with our location, we have three building all located within a block of each other. One building is primarily for our office staff and production, one building is for fabrication and welding, and the other holds a large variety of machines. The big building is divided into an East, West, and South area. We are excited to be adding an HVAC and air filtration system to the South building, hopefully by the end of the summer.