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A to Z Machine Co. was founded in 1996 to provide machining and contract manufacturing solutions for customer specific manufactured goods and services. Our unmatched passion and diverse experience allow us to utilize our mastery of machining, additive manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and fabricating processes to create solutions for a variety of applications for customers around the globe. From the very beginning, diversity, adaptivity, and innovation have been core proponents of the A to Z Machine mission, and we will always continue to adapt our skills to the machining challenges of our ever-growing customer base.

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A to Z Machine has the experience, the machinery, and the machinists to serve your needs. It would be a pleasure to schedule a time for you to visit our facility and show you what we are capable of. Visit the "Facility List" section of our website for a complete listing of our machines and machining capabilities, including a downloadable Facility List PDF

Our ESOP Creates Employee-Owners with Immense Pride in their CNC Parts and Assemblies Work


As the leading CNC machine shop in the Northeast Wisconsin area, A to Z Machine Co. specializes in CNC machining practices used to produce a wide array of custom parts, ranging from relatively simple to intricate and complex precision CNC parts and assemblies. All CNC machining jobs in our shop are monitored using traceable, calibrated inspection equipment and quality control techniques that make certain all features and part dimensions are to exact specifications.

Our team takes immense pride in ensuring your CNC parts and assemblies meet your exacting specifications because at A to Z Machine, our machinists are more than just employees – they’re owners! Through our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), our machinists become part owners of our company, and with that comes an enhanced sense of responsibility and purpose in providing best-in-class products and service to all our clients that we serve.

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In today’s market, just-in-time inventory control is critical to cash flow control, and A to Z Machine’s expertise in short run, quick change production can become your cost savings advantage. A to Z Machine can also handle your custom part packing and delivery requirements. When you choose A to Z Machine for your precision machining and contract manufacturing needs, you can rest assured that our focus is always on meeting your exacting CNC machining demands, a mindset that’s ingrained in all of our employee owners from management to the shop floor. We challenge all our clients to raise their expectations, because we will meet them.

Demand the Best from your CNC Machine Shop


Having A to Z Machine in charge means there is no need to manage your project through several contract manufacturing companies. In today’s competitive marketplace, no company can afford to work at less than peak efficiency. Having these integrated services to streamline the manufacturing process is where A to Z Machine can be of maximum value to you as a precision contract manufacturing and CNC parts supplier. Let us put our processes and CNC machining experience to work for you.

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Our vendors enable A to Z Machine to complete the contract manufacturing process with operations that include: Plating, Painting, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Heat Treating, Gun Drilling, Shot Peening, Wire Cutting, Gear Cutting, Grinding.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance to your company, please call us at (920)993-0640.