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A to Z Machine Purchases a Mazak Horizontal Mill

A to Z Machine has recently purchased a new Mazak Horizontal Mill. The official name is the Mazak HCN-6800 NEO. The Mazak Horizontal Mill is 11 feet and 4 inches by 22 feet and 4 inches. It comes in at about 11 feet tall.

A lot of thought and deliberation went into ordering this machine, but we could not have done it without our machinist’s help. The machinists provided feedback to upper management about how it would be beneficial to them and to our customers if we upgraded to a new Horizontal Mill. After sparking conversation, the machinists joined in on the decision-making process to find the right Horizontal Mill.

Ultimately, we decided on the Mazak Horizontal Mill but a much newer edition than our old one. This new Mazak will offer horizontal milling with a full rotary axis. It has ergonomic improvements, a 25% increase in spindle power raising it to 60 horsepower, and offers a larger capacity than the previous machine. It also has a tool changer that can load longer tools and a touch screen Mazatrol SmoothG Control to ease access for our employees. This machine will be more powerful, accurate, faster, and be more user friendly than our previous machine.

Another great feature of this new Mazak is the RFID Technology. This is a tool management software that A to Z Machine chooses to take advantage of on 10 other machines. It offers greater efficiencies and less chance for error than our competitors that do not use this new technology.

The new Mazak was purchased in mid-April and will arrive at our facilities in mid- November. After arriving, A to Z Machine will hire riggers to uncrate it, position, and level it. Then Mazak’s team will finish installing it. Luckily, since it is replacing an older machine, the foundation will already be in place and ready for easy installation.

Ultimately, we decided to make this purchase for our employees. The machinists are the ones who interact with the machines the most, so they are the ones we want to please. We use our current Horizontal Mill for training employees so this new Mazak will offer better training and learning opportunities for our machinists.

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