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A to Z Machine’s Winning Formula: A Deep Dive into Our DN Solutions Partnership

A to Z Machine in Appleton, Wisconsin, relies on precision engineering to meet the growing needs of customers and employees alike. “We use DN Solutions machines because we believe in them,” shared Marc Manteufel, the manufacturing engineering manager and IT manager at A to Z. “The DN product supports our manufacturing efforts, and in return, we provide testimonials to support DN’s marketing campaigns.”

In this month’s blog, Marc focuses on the reasons A to Z Machine partners with the DN brand to “machine greatness.”

How many DN Solutions machines does A to Z have?

A to Z Machine currently has 17 DN Solutions machines out of around 60 computer numerical control (CNC) machines. The majority of the DN machines are lathes, from small to very large, with a few mid-sized to very large mills, too.

“It’s definitely fair to say the DN machines last,” Marc said. “We have some pushing 20 years old, still working the same as day one as far as accuracy, power and repeatability.”

In manufacturing, repeatability is crucial. Marc explained: “If a machine isn’t able to consistently produce the same results when performing an operation multiple times, it slows us down.”

What are the capabilities of DN machines?

DN machines allow A to Z to produce very complex work. “We can meet customer expectations for high precision, tight tolerance and complicated, intricate features positioned at multiple angles on a part,” Marc said. “We’ve done work for industries that use large hydraulic components for earthquake simulators and airfoils for wind tunnel machines.”

Marc added that one of the reasons A to Z has so many DN Solutions machines is that they’re an exceptional value for the dollar. “They have the perfect blend of performance, technology, cost and support,” he said.

How do DN machines manage chips?

Marc explained that manufacturing parts results in a build-up of chips, or “materials and shavings we’re removing from the part we’re working on.”

He said: “All of these chips fall into the machine. DN has features built into their product to carry them away and put them in a dumpster. Not every machine works that seamlessly.”

With DN’s chip management, workers don’t have to stop and spend time cleaning up chips. “It’s safer and more efficient,” Marc added. “If we’re not shoveling and physically removing those chips, there’s a lot less chance for injury.”

The ergonomics of DN machines

A machine as large as the DCM-2740F-2 featured in the video above could require an employee to walk five to 10 feet into it to measure and clamp the workpiece. Not the case here.

“This machine is laid out so well,” Marc said. “It requires a lot less physical work. There are no stairs or platforms, or crevices a foot could go in and twist. The lighting, windows and heights of everything all benefit the worker using the machine.”

A to Z’s commitment to employees

Marc highlighted that million-dollar-plus investments such as A to Z’s latest DN Solutions machine are a nice machinist perk for current and potential employees. “The technology running these machines makes our job so much safer and easier,” he said. “We all enjoy good quality machines with creature comforts.”

Interested in joining our high-tech machine shop?

Join our employee-owned company as we continually invest in the best shop systems, software, machines and cutting tools. Marc added, “If you want to use the latest technology, come to A to Z.”

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