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Investing in Youth

At A to Z Machine, we are proud to begin our fifth year as a participant in Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program! The Youth Apprenticeship program is part of a statewide School-to-Work initiative. It is designed for high school students who want hands on learning in an occupational area at a work site, along with classroom instruction.

Over the past 5 years we have mentored 20+ high school students who gain job-related skills, knowledge and experience in the areas of tooling, gaging, machining and inspection during their 12 month assignment with us.

Fourteen of our youth apprenticeship program participants have joined the A to Z team, full-time after they graduated from high school.

During the school year, we also spend time out in high school classrooms and guide several high school student groups through tours of our facilities. This gives us the opportunity to not only promote great career opportunities available at A to Z Machine but also lends itself to promoting opportunities and careers available throughout the industry.

Taking the time to connect with students to share our excitement about career opportunities in the trades and being able to attract and grow our own talent is a great return on investment!

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